Bret 'Howstar' Tucker

Modern Rock

Thomas 'Tommaso' Holloway


Mike Schiller QwakuMenka


Mark Chavis


Who We Are

A 5 piece band known for their antics and their funk-laced, spicy rock.

Where We Are

...upcoming schedule


ChubbySlim on the Interwebs

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Band Interests - Making Ladies Dance

What We Do

ChubbySlim keeps it Fun!

  • Funk
  • Alt, Contemporary & Classic Rock
  • R&B
  • Pop
  • Dance

What People Are Saying

ChubbySlim fans chime in

  •  I'm sitting here at the thirsty whale watching
     y'all perform.. You are very lively and
    entertaining but your guitarist is off the
                           chain! He's Great!
    J. W. - facebook
  •  You guys rocked the dolphin Saturday night...
     the staff had a great time!  Looking forward
     to having you guys again!
    T. P. - facebook
  •  wintessed the-ification of Gahanna.
     Great tunes, and super server at the
     Dolphin, thanks guys!
    M. F. - facebook